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Legal Certification

Our Legal Certification services to builders by expert property verification lawyers covers verification of property before commitment of investment on it. This way, the builder is assured that he gets the required license for the property, free from any legal issues.

The whole process involves in-depth cutinisation of the title of the property and the necessary regulatory law, done on the basis of documents shared by the builder. If all things are in order, the builder will get legal opinion and certification report on lawyer’s letter head.

This way, the builder stands assured that the property is thoroughly checked before the required approval of the property.

Market Research

At BIG REALTY, we have a team with proven experience in conducting market research in construction, and building products. Add to this, we combine market research study report with practical advice to improve builder’s prospects.

Our market research study covers a wide range of respondents to gain an understanding of the prevalent market trends. This is backed by detailed desk research using a variety of sources such as Government statistics, Published Reports, etc, to finally arrive at the research report giving precise insights into what the builder is looking for.

Financial Services

Our financial services to builders touch upon areas ranging from the classic accounting and tax advice to consulting on all aspects of financing that the builder can tap and utilise.

BIG REALTY’s USP lies in providing financial services with a pragmatic dimension combining our professional and technical competence with specialist industry knowledge. This helps builders to get requisite funds for their proposed or ongoing construction projects, across the lifecycle of project development.

Sales & Support

Often builders find themselves in a spot trying to sell their construction properties due to a host of reasons. This is where we step in and provide complete sales and support services to builders that cover all aspects of their construction properties.

Our services facilitates easy booking, marketing listing, timely guidance to secure loans, and solid after-sales support, all of which goes a long way to make sure that every detail pursued by the builder is flawless.